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Cars I own currently or have owned in the past:


Tri-Tech Schmitt (A Messerschmitt Replica powered by a 250cc Honda Scooter engine)


1967 Citroen 2CV Charleston Sedan


1959 BMW Isetta Bubble Window Rally Car


1934 Maytag Toy Racer (A replica of the Maytag built children’s race car)


Grinnall Scorpion (0-60 in 4 second super car is no longer in my collection)


1983 Zoe Zipper three wheeled car


1964 Peel P50 (the smallest production car in the world)



Devotionals: Meditations for living


Past IT industry articles:

Penton Publications articles (Windows IT Pro and Scripting Solutions)


Networking article: James Bond Meets the 7 Layer OSI Model - See http://www.lewistech.com/rlewis/Resources/james.aspx



Special Messerschmitt references:


This picture gallery of Messerschmitt reference information was compiled by Mr. Ed Regan


Messerschmitt Accessories


Messerschmitt Brochures




KR 200


KR 201 and Sport


Messerschmitt Other Vehicles


Models and Miniatures


Other Micros


TG500 Tigers


Vintage Racing


Tri-Tech Schmitt




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